Who are we?



Your all-in-one marketplace designed for home services companies… but not only.


At Ogustine, we have always been committed to offer the best solutions to our customers. Those that allow you to optimize your management processes, but also those that increase sales and improve customer relations.

But we didn’t stop there! We also exercise an active watch and share our ideas and the vision of what will be the market of tomorrow. We have already produced numerous white papers and articles, many of which have been featured in the press. To remain competitive, we must constantly innovate, anticipate or at least stay “up to date”. It is also about understanding the new uses in order to adopt them. It’s not about following a fad, it’s about staying competitive in our markets.

In a society that is increasingly connected with increasingly demanding consumers, the satisfaction of the need must be almost immediate. This partly explains the strong growth of e-commerce, which remains a phenomenal expansion opportunity for service companies. Being able to order anytime and anywhere has now become a natural way of consuming.

However, too few personal services companies are taking advantage of this growth potential and are going digital as they must take advantage of this technological revolution! The digital revolution underway is also an opportunity to increase its productivity, to imagine new modes of organization and to compensate for the lack of manpower for both small businesses and large franchise networks.

Marketplaces are also the big winners from the Covid-19 crisis. A crisis that has encouraged e-commerce practices among consumers and precipitated the digital transformation of convenience stores.